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Address Change

USPS® Address Change

Moving? Be sure your mail makes the move with you. Submit an official Change of Address Form online with the USPS®.

  • Easy Online Address Change
    Save a trip to the post office and submit your U.S. Postal® address change form online now.
  • Fast, Secure Processing
    File your address change with the USPS® and be confident your mail gets delivered to your new address!
  • Save Money on Your Move
    Save money on your move with instant access to valuable coupons and Mover Coupons!

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Mover Guide


Moving Guide eBook!

The Moving Guide covers everything you need to simplify your move, including best ways to prepare for moving day and other useful tips and resources on how to make your move easier. The ultimate moving guide for a stress-free relocation it's yours for FREE.

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Moving Resources

Learn more about Moving Resources with the latest news, devices, offers, and content streaming to you!

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